A couple of years ago restless legs started to be more and more a serious issue for me. Unpleasant sensations, prickling tingly and painful stiffness in my legs. I experienced a lot of heat, especially in both my calves and feet. Often I have put my legs up against the wall. This was cooling and I found it relaxing. At first I did not experience restless legs every night, but it was already pretty annoying. I tried to deal with it the best I could.

After some time it got more inconvenient though. Much more often I had restless legs and consequently did not sleep well. Getting up and doing some stretching did help and most of the time I could go back to sleep. For a while… I had the impression though that the quality of my sleep was less than it used to be. My body was ridiculously active while it should be calm. Clearly, it took a lot of my energy.

At present I have to deal with restless legs every night. Time and time again I have to get up from my warm bed. Unfortunately I do not appreciate a warm bed as much as I did before. The heat in my feet can be almost unbearable, together with the painful sensations in my calves. In the past I always wore socks in bed. Those times seem to be gone forever.

During the years I have researched and tried out many things to alleviate my symptoms. I found out quickly that there is not really a cure for restless legs. Alleviating symptoms can still be very helpful.

I realize what a luxury it is to sleep well, for people with this ailment. To the general population it seems to be fairly unknown how disruptive restless legs can be for daily life.

This is also a reason for creating this website. Moreover, a substantial amount of information about restless legs can be found here, neatly arranged. Furthermore, you can share your comments and stories on the website and read about experiences of others. After all it is said that trouble shared is trouble halved, and maybe you even find some ideas that are helpful for your own situation.

Family, partners and friends of people with restless legs are of course most welcome too to participate on the website. Feel free to share your comments and insights with us. You may also just read along.

Write your story or comment on any page of this website, using either your own name, only your first name or a made up name.

1 thought on “Stories”

  1. Mijn partner heeft sinds een paar jaar last van rusteloze benen en slaapt daardoor eigenlijk altijd slecht. Een ‘goede’ nacht betekent eigenlijk een minder slechte nacht. Het is frustrerend om te zien wat een groot effect dat heeft, en hoe weinig er aan te doen is. De symptomen zijn (iets) te verlichten (daarover wordt op dit blog uitgebreid geschreven), maar wat voor de een werkt, werkt voor de ander weer niet. Het is dus heel erg zoeken. Bovendien kunnen bepaalde middelen na een tijdje weer minder goed gaan werken. Ik blijf meedenken en probeer oplossingen aan te dragen, maar ik begrijp ook dat juist ook door het slecht slapen zij niet altijd energie heeft om weer iets nieuws uit te proberen.

    Fijn om dit te kunnen delen en hier verhalen van anderen te kunnen lezen.


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