About Me

Restless legs come with a lot of frustration. I know that better than anyone. With a bit of bad luck, my legs play up a lot at night. My sleep is constantly interrupted, and during the day I regularly feel like a wreck.

My work suffers (if I can work at all) and I also have much less energy for social contacts.

In my environment I sometimes find it frustrating that there is not always an understanding of why I am often so tired. People want to understand it, but they don’t feel it themselves. Maybe they also think that I shouldn’t whine because I’m not ‘really’ ill after all.

My mission

I started this website in 2020. I have made it my mission to make RLS more bearable, for myself and for others. Initially by offering a lot of information in the form of readable blogs.

Then I developed a program to better deal with restless legs. I use a mix of all my experience: techniques from yoga, meditation, mindfulness, (positive) psychology and NLP.

And that works for me. I can deal with my restless legs in such a way that I still have a quality life. So good, in fact, that I don’t take any medication. In the long run, medicines will probably only give augmentation.

Key to happiness

My life looks different than I sometimes wish. I don’t go out much anymore, and do some things less often than I did 5 or 10 years ago (like travelling).

But I have a good life, with a lot of fun and a lot of humor. I am happy, despite all the complaints.

With my best buddy who is always prepared to think along and who helps me with the technical part of the website.

The complaints themselves and the suffering from complaints are two different things. I have found the key to a life with RLS in which you are in control of your own well-being. And not your complaints…

This is sometimes quite difficult to convey. In the first instance, of course, everyone wants their complaints to be completely resolved. Some fellow sufferers look no further than that. That is understandable, but also unfortunate. Because if your complaints do not go away, I can help you to improve the quality of your life considerably.

If I can help a part of the community with this, I’m very happy about it. I always remain optimistic.

See you soon,