Kidneys and Restless Legs

Lists of diseases that sometimes go hand in hand with restless legs often also include diseases of the kidneys. It is usually stated that it concerns a kidney disease that is in an advanced stage. In a kidney disease in which the patient suffers from RLS, the restless legs are called secondary RLS. In this … Read more

Heart Disease and Restless Legs

Both my parents suffer from cardiovascular disease. Both also occasionally suffer from RLS. Especially my mother. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the two conditions have anything to do with each other. I’ve read that this is sometimes the case though. In this blog I will discuss the topic of cardiovascular disease in more detail. I … Read more

Do Arthrosis and RLS often Go Together?

Osteoarthritis and RLS have been going together for many years for me. I don’t really know if there are many other people who have this as well. Rheumatism and restless legs often occur at the same time in someone. I’ve read that several times. Osteoarthritis is also a form of rheumatism, but I believe that … Read more

Is ADHD related to RLS?

In my blog about children I wrote that restless legs are sometimes confused with ADHD. In earlier times, these children were classified under the term ‘spirited’. I recently read that adults who were diagnosed with ADHD as a child often continued to suffer from restless legs later in life. Could there be a connection between … Read more

Thyroid Problems and Restless Legs

A fellow sufferer wrote that her thyroid was working too fast and that she had been treated for it. She also said she thinks her thyroid problems are related to her restless legs. I had already read that there is a link between thyroid disease and restless legs. Thyroid complaints often seem to go hand … Read more