RLS and Small-Fiber Neuropathy (SFN)

Quite a few years ago, a friend told me that in addition to sarcoidosis, he also had small fiber neuropathy (DVN). An additional complaint of his small fiber neuropathy was restless legs. At that time, I didn’t have severe RLS myself. Now that restless legs are my daily reality, I find it interesting to take … Read more

Overactive Bladder and Restless Legs

I recently read that restless legs sometimes go hand in hand with an overactive bladder. I would never have thought of that myself. My own bladder is also quite active. It was like that before my RLS got severe. Now that I’m in the menopause, I notice that I suddenly have a strong urine stimulus … Read more

Diabetes and Restless Legs

Diabetes is one of the diseases that is sometimes associated with restless legs. In such a case you speak of secondary RLS. The restless legs here stem from another condition. With diabetes, a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle are extra important. Over the past decades, research has shown that adjustments in these areas can … Read more

Restless Legs and Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is often associated with sleeping problems. One of those potential sleep problems is restless legs. I personally wouldn’t immediately think of Alzheimer’s disease when I think of RLS. However, I read that this combination is not uncommon. That made me curious, of course. In this blog I discuss what Alzheimer’s is. I then … Read more

Restless Legs and Cancer

Cancer can also cause restless legs. Or something similar. Cancer is a debilitating disease. Cancer treatments are aggressive and in turn cause damage to your body. This causes additional complaints. In this blog I look at what cancer is and what the consequences of cancer treatment are. Of course I pay attention to restless legs. … Read more

RLS and Liver Diseases

In Chinese medicine, liver function is seen as an important reason for the development of restless legs. I wrote about this before in my blog about acupuncture. This is a different point of view from that of Western medicine. Primary RLS is primarily seen as a neurological disorder. It is assumed that the production of … Read more

RLS and Huntington’s Disease

There are diseases and conditions that regularly co-occur with RLS. One of them is Huntington’s disease. I wrote a blog about secondary RLS before. In it I mention a number of those other diseases. Examples include rheumatism, neuropathy, thyroid and kidney disorders, fibromyalgia and cardiovascular disease. Huntington’s disease is mentioned less often in connection with … Read more