Why do the Elderly more often have RLS?

Like me, you have probably read that restless legs are more common in the elderly than in young people. I’ve always mostly taken this for granted, but why is this the case? Is there something specific in the elderly that makes them more likely to suffer from restless legs than people of a younger age? … Read more

Children with Restless Legs

I sometimes read from fellow sufferers that they already suffered from restless legs when they were children. At the time, their complaints were often not seen as a form of RLS, but as growing pains. Or it was ‘just’ a busy kid. Only later did it became clear that these children had to deal with … Read more


Actually, until a few years ago, I didn’t know that many women have to deal with restless legs during pregnancy. However, I read about this several times on a fellow sufferer forum. Although I have never had a pregnancy myself, I still find it interesting to learn more about this. In this blog I will … Read more