Depressed by Restless Legs

RLS is a serious condition. It would make you depressed… My restless legs have gradually gotten worse since 2016. Not a night goes by that I don’t suffer. Fortunately I am not depressed. However, I fully understand how difficult it is to struggle through fatigue every day. And I haven’t even mentioned the nights when … Read more

Drive a Car with Restless Legs?

A fellow sufferer asked the question who suffered from restless legs while driving. There were quite a few reactions. Most people with RLS have symptoms at night. Some also have restless legs during the day when sitting. This can be very difficult if, for example, you do sedentary work or when you have to travel. … Read more

How to Get Off your Meds?

If you take medication for your restless legs, you may well have to taper off that medication at some point. In a severe form of RLS you will usually be prescribed a dopamine agonist. Restless legs are probably related to a lack of dopamine. Such a dopamine agonist mimics the action of dopamine. Dopamine agonists … Read more

Rather Pregabalin with Restless Legs?

If I’m to believe reports about this, it seems that doctors are increasingly opting for pregabalin when prescribing medication for restless legs. Previously, the choice usually fell on a dopamine agonist such as ropinirole or pramipexole. With these drugs, however, it appears that a large part of the people who take them have to deal … Read more

Augmentation with Restless Legs

If, in consultation with your doctor or neurologist, you decide to take medication for your restless legs and/or for PLMD (Periodic Limb Movement Disorder), it would be good if you seriously consider the risk of augmentation. Actually, this is a topic to always bring up in the doctor’s office when it comes to dopamine agonists. … Read more

What is the Effect of a Lumbar Puncture on RLS?

I have read more than once with fellow sufferers about bad experiences with a lumbar puncture. They found that the symptoms of RLS (and / or PLMD) were extra severe after surgery. In their hospital bed, their troubled legs almost drove them crazy. Some had already sporadically suffered from restless legs before. However, after the … Read more

Antidepressants and Restless Legs

One of the possible side effects of antidepressants is restless legs. In an earlier blog about dealing with stress I already wrote that RLS in turn increases the risk of depression. Chronically poor sleep often also leads to mental problems. In addition, restless legs are more common in people with depression. It is a question … Read more

Other Medications

Earlier I wrote about medicines for restless legs. This was in my blog about dopamine. RLS can be a result of a lack of dopamine. The drugs most commonly prescribed for people with troubled legs today are the so-called dopamine agonists. This medication mimics the action of dopamine. There are also other medications for restless … Read more

Dopamine and Medication

Restless legs syndrome probably involves a disruption in the production of the substance dopamine. This causes a shortage. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. To gain more insight into the effect of this substance, I delved a little deeper into the matter. In this blog I will discuss the following: What are neurotransmitters? Which medication is available … Read more