Depressed by Restless Legs

RLS is a serious condition. It would make you depressed… My restless legs have gradually gotten worse since 2016. Not a night goes by that I don’t suffer. Fortunately I am not depressed. However, I fully understand how difficult it is to struggle through fatigue every day. And I haven’t even mentioned the nights when … Read more

Breathing Exercises Helpful for RLS?

I’ve talked about breathing exercises related to restless legs before in my blogs. Breathing exercises are found in yoga. You can also find them in certain forms of meditation or in forms of mindfulness. I described another application of breathing exercises a while back in my blog about cold showers. In the Netherlands, when you … Read more

Sesame Seed and Restless Legs

A while ago I read that eating sesame seeds could help with restless legs. I found that an intriguing statement. I had never made the link between sesame seeds before. Once I heard a fellow sufferer about the use of sesame seed oil. My curiosity leads me to investigate further. In this blog I look … Read more

Ayurveda and Restless Legs

A correspondent friend has recently encouraged me a few times to look at the teachings of Ayurveda related to RLS. He hopes that there might be some clues that could be of use to me. Until now I have put off writing on this topic. I have never really looked at the view of Ayurveda … Read more

Histamine and Restless Legs

A fellow sufferer pointed out to me a while ago that an allergy or intolerance to histamine can play a role in restless legs. I did not know that. Apart from RLS, she herself also has to deal with irritable bowel syndrome. When she told about her complaints, she had been cutting gluten in her … Read more

Masturbation and Restless Legs

A fellow sufferer told me a while ago that he benefited from masturbation for his restless legs. At first I, like a number of other fellow sufferers, thought that was funny. At the same time I realized that there could be something in this. When asked, a few fellow sufferers indicated that sex also helped … Read more

Mindfulness and Restless Legs

While searching the internet for sleep therapy, I came across a program about mindfulness. I was immediately curious if this could also be useful for people with restless legs. Mindfulness is closely related to yoga and meditation. I have a lot of experience with that, both as a practitioner and as a facilitator. I thought … Read more