Restless Legs on an Airplane

Sitting for long periods of time can be a problem if you have RLS. Traveling by plane is therefore something for some fellow sufferers to dread. I wrote before about driving with restless legs. Short rides may not be so bad. However, if you’re on the road longer, you’ll probably need a few extra breaks … Read more

Does Relegs help?

In recent years, several ‘solutions’ have been developed for people with restless legs. Relegs is one of them. I already wrote a blog about another product, the Release417. Maybe you’ve seen it. Several times I have read with fellow sufferers about their experience with Relegs. Some fellow sufferers ask questions about this on a peer … Read more

Home Remedies for RLS

Over time, I have seen quite a few home remedies for restless legs. Some surprised me. Others seemed a bit far-fetched to me. The fact is, there are people who swear by it. Not long ago I got an email from a personal trainer. She sometimes accompanied people who suffer from restless legs. On her … Read more

Compression Stockings with RLS II

My father has been wearing compression stockings for several years. Not because of restless legs, but because of another condition. He had seen my blog about (light) compression sockss and thought it might be interesting for me to test the heavier version of him. He still had two pairs from last year. When visited me, … Read more

Magnet Therapy for Restless Legs

A good friend of mine who lives in Japan recently suggested we try magnetotherapy. I hadn’t heard of that before, but I’m quite open to that sort of thing. He sent me a few pictures and asked me if these kind of magnets are also sold here in the Netherlands. I said I didn’t think … Read more

Does Release417 help for RLS?

In this blog I tell a bit more about my recent experiences with the Release417. The creator and owner of this fabric strap gave me the opportunity to test one. I was happy with that, because the release band is temporarily not for sale due to circumstances and I also have a very tight budget … Read more

Compression socks and restless legs

I was advised by a fellow sufferer to try light compression stockings at night. I thought this wouldn’t really suit me, because my legs and feet get very hot at night. Even in the middle of winter I sleep with bare legs and without socks. The fellow sufferer told me she had a solution for … Read more

Acupuncture and Restless Legs

Acupuncture can help with a variety of conditions. Someone has advised me to try this therapy myself because of my restless legs. Personally, I can’t afford to do something like this on a regular basis. This doesn’t stop me from delving into the topic. Maybe I change my mind along the way and still choose … Read more

Weighted Blankets for RLS

I have had a weighted blanket at home for at least a month. The gray bag with contents is in the other room. There is now a small layer of dust on it. The weighted blanket is not mine. I can borrow it for a while. It could help my restless legs. However, I notice … Read more