Heart Disease and Restless Legs

Both my parents suffer from cardiovascular disease. Both also occasionally suffer from RLS. Especially my mother. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the two conditions have anything to do with each other. I’ve read that this is sometimes the case though. In this blog I will discuss the topic of cardiovascular disease in more detail. I … Read more

Ayurveda and Restless Legs

A correspondent friend has recently encouraged me a few times to look at the teachings of Ayurveda related to RLS. He hopes that there might be some clues that could be of use to me. Until now I have put off writing on this topic. I have never really looked at the view of Ayurveda … Read more

Histamine and Restless Legs

A fellow sufferer pointed out to me a while ago that an allergy or intolerance to histamine can play a role in restless legs. I did not know that. Apart from RLS, she herself also has to deal with irritable bowel syndrome. When she told about her complaints, she had been cutting gluten in her … Read more

Masturbation and Restless Legs

A fellow sufferer told me a while ago that he benefited from masturbation for his restless legs. At first I, like a number of other fellow sufferers, thought that was funny. At the same time I realized that there could be something in this. When asked, a few fellow sufferers indicated that sex also helped … Read more

Mindfulness and Restless Legs

While searching the internet for sleep therapy, I came across a program about mindfulness. I was immediately curious if this could also be useful for people with restless legs. Mindfulness is closely related to yoga and meditation. I have a lot of experience with that, both as a practitioner and as a facilitator. I thought … Read more

Sleep Therapy for Restless Legs

Someone I know well was offered sleep therapy through his neurologist. After a sleep study, he was diagnosed with PLMD (Periodic Limb Movement Disorder). Many people with restless legs also suffer from Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. RLS and PLMD are sometimes confused. However, they are two different conditions. My friend’s sleep therapy consists of an … Read more

Magnesium Citrate Best Option for RLS?

The first blog I wrote for this website is about magnesium for restless legs. I also mention magnesium citrate in it. We are now a few years further. I now know a little better what works best for me. That is why I am now writing another blog about magnesium. This time I focus on … Read more

Drive a Car with Restless Legs?

A fellow sufferer asked the question who suffered from restless legs while driving. There were quite a few reactions. Most people with RLS have symptoms at night. Some also have restless legs during the day when sitting. This can be very difficult if, for example, you do sedentary work or when you have to travel. … Read more