Restless Legs on an Airplane

Sitting for long periods of time can be a problem if you have RLS. Traveling by plane is therefore something for some fellow sufferers to dread. I wrote before about driving with restless legs. Short rides may not be so bad. However, if you’re on the road longer, you’ll probably need a few extra breaks … Read more

Homeopathy and Restless Legs

Personally, I wouldn’t think of homeopathy first when looking for a cure for RLS. There are undoubtedly people who do. Since I am curious by nature, I decide to read up on this topic as well. I find that interesting anyway. Also, I think I’m doing others a favor by sorting this information out in … Read more

Keto Diet and Restless Legs

My friend has been into the keto diet lately. As long as I have known him, he has suffered from fatigue. He hopes that by adjusting his diet he will feel fitter. After a sleep study, my friend was diagnosed with PLMD (Periodic Limb Movement Disorder) last year. About 80% of people with RLS also … Read more

Diabetes and Restless Legs

Diabetes is one of the diseases that is sometimes associated with restless legs. In such a case you speak of secondary RLS. The restless legs here stem from another condition. With diabetes, a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle are extra important. Over the past decades, research has shown that adjustments in these areas can … Read more

Vitamin B1 and Restless Legs

While writing a blog about carbohydrates, I came across a piece of text about vitamin B1 in a background article. This vitamin appears to play a role in reducing symptoms of RLS. In the usual list of vitamins and minerals that are relevant for restless legs, vitamin B1 is usually not mentioned. That list usually … Read more

Carbohydrates Negative for Restless Legs?

Every now and then I take a look at the website of the Restless Legs Foundation. On one of the pages I saw the well-known list of foods that can aggravate restless legs not so long ago. A bit to my surprise, there was the word carbohydrates. Personally, I have been conscious about my diet … Read more

Vegan with Restless Legs

A while ago I posted a blog on Facebook asking whether vegetarian food is bad for RLS. I got a rather aggravated reaction from someone who said that he had been eating vegan for many years and had never had any problems with a vitamin deficiency. He even called my question “shit”. From the use … Read more

Restless Legs and Sleep Problems

I received a message from my health insurance that I can use a number of online courses for free for a month. One of them is about sleeping problems. I have already studied sleep therapy before. Such therapy consists of, among other things, gaining insight into what happens mentally and emotionally when you cannot sleep, … Read more

Restless Legs and Obesity

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a fellow sufferer. He said that he was 20 kilos overweight and that he suffered a lot from restless legs. He wanted to go on a diet and asked me to send him a comprehensive list of gluten-free foods. His request was preceded by the question whether a particular … Read more