Ashwagandha and Restless Legs

Recently my brother came to visit me. While catching up, we naturally also talked about poor sleep and restless legs. He then said that he benefited greatly from ashwagandha. My brother suffers not so much from restless legs at night, but from warm feet. In the past, he sometimes sat downstairs with bare feet until … Read more

Men with Restless Legs

It is well known that restless legs are twice as common in women as in men. I find that an interesting fact. I already wrote a blog about why women have RLS more often. My focus was on hormonal changes in women, such as during pregnancy, menstruation or during menopause. Men also have a hormone … Read more

Anti-epileptics and Restless Legs

Earlier I wrote about antiepileptics in connection with restless legs. Anticonvulsants are an alternative to dopamine agonists. A major drawback of dopamine agonists is that 50 to 80% of users experience augmentation. With augmentation, your complaints worsen and you need more and more of the medicine to have an effect. Antiepileptics can also have unpleasant … Read more

RLS and Small-Fiber Neuropathy (SFN)

Quite a few years ago, a friend told me that in addition to sarcoidosis, he also had small fiber neuropathy (DVN). An additional complaint of his small fiber neuropathy was restless legs. At that time, I didn’t have severe RLS myself. Now that restless legs are my daily reality, I find it interesting to take … Read more

Restless Legs and Smoking

Smoking is unhealthy. However, it also appears to be unfavorable for restless legs. I think it is unclear to many people why smoking is a disadvantage when you are dealing with RLS. I hope to shed some light on that. In this blog I will first discuss the general adverse effects of smoking. Then I … Read more

Overactive Bladder and Restless Legs

I recently read that restless legs sometimes go hand in hand with an overactive bladder. I would never have thought of that myself. My own bladder is also quite active. It was like that before my RLS got severe. Now that I’m in the menopause, I notice that I suddenly have a strong urine stimulus … Read more

Restless Legs and Placebo Effect

Several times I read in results of scientific research that people with RLS are highly sensitive to the so-called placebo effect. In such a study, the effect of medicines or, for example, a supplement such as iron is tested. Part of the research group gets the real drug. Another part is given a placebo. The … Read more

Restless Legs on an Airplane

Sitting for long periods of time can be a problem if you have RLS. Traveling by plane is therefore something for some fellow sufferers to dread. I wrote before about driving with restless legs. Short rides may not be so bad. However, if you’re on the road longer, you’ll probably need a few extra breaks … Read more

Homeopathy and Restless Legs

Personally, I wouldn’t think of homeopathy first when looking for a cure for RLS. There are undoubtedly people who do. Since I am curious by nature, I decide to read up on this topic as well. I find that interesting anyway. Also, I think I’m doing others a favor by sorting this information out in … Read more

Keto Diet and Restless Legs

My friend has been into the keto diet lately. As long as I have known him, he has suffered from fatigue. He hopes that by adjusting his diet he will feel fitter. After a sleep study, my friend was diagnosed with PLMD (Periodic Limb Movement Disorder) last year. About 80% of people with RLS also … Read more