Is RLS Hereditary in Your Case?

I wrote earlier that restless legs are in many cases hereditary. This is especially true if you have primary RLS. In primary RLS, the cause of the restless legs is idiopathic. Idiopathic means that there is a cause of its own. It is often not clear what the exact cause is. In addition to primary … Read more

Depressed by Restless Legs

RLS is a serious condition. It would make you depressed… My restless legs have gradually gotten worse since 2016. Not a night goes by that I don’t suffer. Fortunately I am not depressed. However, I fully understand how difficult it is to struggle through fatigue every day. And I haven’t even mentioned the nights when … Read more

RLS and Huntington’s Disease

There are diseases and conditions that regularly co-occur with RLS. One of them is Huntington’s disease. I wrote a blog about secondary RLS before. In it I mention a number of those other diseases. Examples include rheumatism, neuropathy, thyroid and kidney disorders, fibromyalgia and cardiovascular disease. Huntington’s disease is mentioned less often in connection with … Read more

Breathing Exercises Helpful for RLS?

I’ve talked about breathing exercises related to restless legs before in my blogs. Breathing exercises are found in yoga. You can also find them in certain forms of meditation or in forms of mindfulness. I described another application of breathing exercises a while back in my blog about cold showers. In the Netherlands, when you … Read more

Dry Needling and Restless Legs

I know from several fellow sufferers that they benefit from dry needling for their restless legs. Dry needling treatment falls under physiotherapy. It seems to be quite painful for some, but apparently also regularly has a favorable result. When I first heard about this, I initially thought of acupuncture. However, the fellow sufferers told me … Read more

Kidneys and Restless Legs

Lists of diseases that sometimes go hand in hand with restless legs often also include diseases of the kidneys. It is usually stated that it concerns a kidney disease that is in an advanced stage. In a kidney disease in which the patient suffers from RLS, the restless legs are called secondary RLS. In this … Read more

Sesame Seed and Restless Legs

A while ago I read that eating sesame seeds could help with restless legs. I found that an intriguing statement. I had never made the link between sesame seeds before. Once I heard a fellow sufferer about the use of sesame seed oil. My curiosity leads me to investigate further. In this blog I look … Read more